Okay. So the first question is, "Why Halifax?"

Actually the first question usually is, where's Nova Scotia?

Depending on how gullible I think you are, I may answer that
with, "You remember when Yugoslavia broke apart?  Well,
there was Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Nova Scotia."

Hey, it sounds reasonable...

Now, Nova Scotia - - find Canada on a map, on the far right
side, right above Maine, there's this little peninsula that sticks
out into the Atlantic - - that's Nova Scotia.

Halifax, by the way, is midway up, on the Atlantic side.

Yes, well, they are a rather dry sort here.

Actually a "Loonie" is a one-dollar coin (so called because it has a picture of a loon on the back).   The colloquial
name for a two-dollar coin?  A "Toonie", of course.  And they say Canadians have no sense of humour...

So, once again, "Why Halifax?"